My main research interests are in philosophy of mind and language. In my work, I explore questions about indexicality in languange and mind, (de se), the content of beliefs in general, and its relation to language. Since 2019, I have been working on a research project on group indexical beliefs, where I consider how first-person plural thoughts and joint demonstrative beliefs can be accommodated within (de se) and (IEM) accounts of indexicals, if possible at all.

When I’m not doing philosophy, I’m traveling, knitting, crocheting or embroidering, learning how to code, or perusing Reddit (purely for pedagogical purposes – I am designing an Intro course where philosophical theories are introduced with content I find on Reddit).


Selected Published Work, Papers in Progress, and Presentations

How Can Millians Believe in Superheroes?

In this paper, I offer a new Millian Theory of fictional proper names. I distinguish semantic content from belief content and argue that belief contents are not part of the meaning of names. (2021, Organon F).

Indexicality and Action

Against de se skeptics, I argue that we need indexical beliefs to explain motivation of actions (2018, Inquiry).

Frege's Puzzle

This is an introduction to Frege’s Puzzle, where I sneak in a criticism of Salmon’s solution to the puzzle. The paper is in Portuguese, and it was intended to close the gap for Portuguese speakers who do not have access to current discussions due to a linguistic barrier (2016, Revista Fundamento).

Book Review

This is a book review on Cappelen & Dever’s book ‘‘The Inessential Indexical’’ (2014, Polish Journal of Philosophy).

Can Demonstratives Have Sense?

Here I argue that Heck’s view on the sense of demonstratives is subject to similar criticisms he offered to Perry’s view (2010, Ítaca).

Semantic and Cognitive Content of Names

This paper is based on Chapter 3 of my dissertation, where I argue that semantic and cognitive contents of names are not the same content. It also includes a sketch of an alternative account of the truth-conditions of belief ascriptions.

Semantic and Assertoric Content

This paper is about the sufficient conditions to understand utterances of proper names.

Action-Based Indexicality

Handout of my talk at the Second Bochum Early Career Researcher Workshop in Philosophy of Mind and of Cognitive Science (2019, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany).

Understanding Proper Names

Handout of my talk on understanding utterances of proper names (2019, University of Miami, US).

Instructor Diversity in Student Evaluations

Joint talk with Sherri Lynn Conklin, at So-Cal MAP Workshop, in which we reviewed the literature on bias against minorities in students evaluations (2018, UCLA, US).

Thinking (really) Selflessly

Handout of my talk based on my paper “Indexicality and Action” (2017, University of Barcelona, Spain).

Can Demonstratives Have Senses?

Handout of my talk based on my paper with the same name (2010, UFRJ, Brazil).


Past Syllabi, handouts, and sample syllabi

My classes are designed to be inclusive. My experience teaching in different countries with different cultural backgrounds (Brazil, United States, and India) and as a ESL student in the US gave me a privileged perspective on impacts that differences in cultural, social, and economic backgrounds can have in students outcomes and how to overcome them.

Aside from teaching the relevant material, I design my courses to get students to acquire transferable skills, like basic research abilities, written and presentation skills, as well as ability to work in group.

In my lectures, I take a student-centered approach to teaching, where students have an active role. My most successful strategy to promote student participation and facilitate understanding of the material is, by far, the handouts I devised to structure my lectures over the course of seven years teaching in higher-education. They encourage students to summarize what is discussed in class and take on an active-listening role. As a result, students engage with the material in more meaningful ways, which boosts their understanding of the material and their performance.

Current Courses

Here you'll find syllabi of the courses I'm scheduled to teach in Monsoon 2021 at Azim Premji University, and the rubric used to grade papers/presentations.

Past Courses

Here you'll find mid-semester evaluations, past syllabi and handouts of courses I taught at Ashoka University and UCSB.

Sample Syllabi

Here you'll find sample syllabi of courses I'd like to teach.